The Story

The Story

As soon as you arrive at over 2’000m in altitude, high above the village of Zinal, you’ll quickly realize that the setting you’ll be staying in and the story of the venue will play an immense role in your experience.

The grounds where you will find your tent are owned by Sarah and Stephan, two local Valaisans, who have made it their mission to conserve the local heritage.

But let’s backtrack a little…

For many centuries, the resources found here were preciously exploited: wood, the flowers, the herbs, the pines from the larch trees and the water coming from the sources.

But in the 20th century, this “alpage” (alpine pasture) was progressively abandoned, until Sarah and Stephan came along a few years back and fell in love with this unique place.

Their deepest desire was to revive this pasture: they renewed the agriculture, rebuilt their “mayen” chalet in the most ecological of ways, and welcomed some adorable new animals.

In addition, Sarah also started to make her own natural beauty products directly from the native herbs and flowers that grow here.

During your time here, you’ll get to meet these genuine locals who look forward to sharing their simple, but special way of life with you and offering you a unique local experience unlike anything you’ve seen.

The rest of your experience will be on par with this philosophy: enjoying the simple moments of life, conserving the local heritage, reconnecting with nature and to ourselves.