Chantal 01 February 2021

5 Enriching Swiss Experiences

Have you ever heard the saying that life is about moments, not “things”?

Well, we believe that could not be more true in a post-pandemic world. During the last year, we’ve been more technology dependent than ever before. While we’re thankful for Zoom and all sorts of social media for keeping us connected, it has made us yearn for more meaningful human connections.

And that’s certainly true for our day to day life, but also for travel. An experience should no longer be about just being « memorable », it should be about bringing people together (with all the necessary health and safety measures of course!)

One of our favorite ways to do this is by taking our couples and families to meet our local storytellers. It’s through experiences like these that you not only make unforgettable memories and strengthen your bonds, but you also connect to new people. With the latter comes new perspectives, new stories and life-long transformation.

Here are some of our favorite experiences for inspiration:


Swiss Cheese-Making

Swiss cheese making

One of the most inspiring experiences we have had was meeting a local family of cheese-makers. Yes there’s the fact that we love cheese and it’s just fascinating to see them make it using the most traditional methods. But more importantly, in meeting them on their secluded farm, you essentially encounter a whole different way of life that you might not be used to seeing. One that starts at 5am, ends in the late evening, with almost no interruptions, no weekends or holidays. When asked the last time they travelled abroad? 4 years ago… And yet, they always have the biggest smile on their faces, with an abundant sense of meaning and positivity. A true life lesson, topped off with a heck of a view, some pretty good cheese and an authentic farm-to-table breakfast.


A Swiss Cooking Experience

Swiss cooking experience switzerland

t’s always great to meet a local who was born and bred in Switzerland, but it’s just as fascinating to chat with someone who is half Swiss, grew up across the pond and moved to Switzerland more than 10 years ago.

That is the case of this lovely lady, who is as friendly as she is passionate about cooking! You’ll meet her in one of the most unspoiled and dreamy valleys of Switzerland and follow her to her favorite local farms to grab the freshest ingredients. Who needs a supermarket when you have the luxury of picking up your produce at the source?

Afterwards, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start cooking some of her iconic Swiss specialties, as you share stories of all things Switzerland. Time always goes by too fast when you’re having a great time but our host will make sure you get to try your creations before you leave. Bon Appétit!


Meet A Swiss Yodler

Meet A Swiss Yodler

Sometimes all you need to connect with the ones you love is the perfect setting. So imagine this: you’ve just spent the whole day out exploring the splendour of Switzerland, and we meet you in a place of extreme natural beauty. You’ll find comfortable seating around a fire, a bottle of Swiss wine, the sun setting on a gorgeous panorama and a local alphorn player or yodeller serenading you in this special moment. These are the types of moments you just never forget…


Visit A Scherenschnitte Atelier

Swiss Scherenschnitte Switzerland

One of our favorite encounters that we’ve come across on our journey is a humble and kind lady, who is passionate about the art of Scherrenschnitte (paper-cutting). It’s a very delicate art and a single piece can take months to make… imagine the patience and the meticulousness! We love to take our travelers to meet her in her home, where she always welcomes us with open arms and gives us an behind-the-scenes glimpse of her hobby. Up for the challenge? Why don’t you give it a try yourself?

A Custom-Designed Swiss Wine Experience

Lavaux Vineyards Switzerland

One way to transform ourselves is to be stimulated by new perspectives. Well, if you’re an avid traveler and/or interested in wine, you’ve likely visited other vineyards around the world.

But Swiss wine-making is something different, which you’ll understand as you’ll meet one of our family of wine-makers. They’ll take you through their secrets and traditions that they’ve passed on for generations, and give you an insider view of what makes Swiss wine so unique. After this enthusing encounter, it’s time for the cherry on the cake. Meet Max in an exclusive setting amidst the vineyards, overlooking the French Alps, majestic Lake Geneva and the UNESCO-protected Lavaux. There, he’ll prepare a traditional meal for you, as you share stories, a few laughs, and probably a couple of pictures of his cats…


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