Chantal 07 May 2019

A Piece of Mountain Paradise…

Many years ago, a great Swiss entrepreneur told us that the only way we’ll be truly happy and fulfilled, is by “making our passion our jobs”. With our passions being travel and making other people happy, we can truly say that we’ve found the job of our dreams.

We took a step back to realize this while we were watching the sunset (yes, very cliché but true!) in a valley we didn’t even know existed until a few weeks back – a region of unspoilt beauty, hospitable yet proud natives, strong tradition and history, and unique architecture. That piece of paradise is none other, than the Val d’Herens.

A part of the Valais which (fortunately) often gets left aside for the bigger world-renowned mountain resorts, you’ll rarely see a foreign visitor in sight. But that’s just the key ingredient to what makes it so special, isn’t it? Through our few days travelling the region, on a mission to find what makes it tick and the little gems that our clients will love, we found a few of the seasonings that are included in this unique recipe. The rest? You’ll have to come and discover them yourself. But one thing’s for sure, you won’t be disappointed…

Its unusual and impressive geological landscapes

Authentic, genuine and well-maintained villages

Delicious and hearty local food

(bonus point: the locals here have raclette in the summer!)

Their traditional “mayens”, or in common English: mountain huts that were once used for farming purposes, but now serve as homes

Heavenly nature

Breath-taking hiking, with surprises even 2’090m above sea level

Cute mountain churches

Typical (and not so typical) hotels with warm, hospitable hosts

For your very own holiday this region, away from the crowds, get in touch with us by emailing               “A bientôt”!