Chantal 01 May 2019

All the way up!

I’ve never been much of an adventurer, especially when it comes to leaving the surface of the ground… I’m more of a on-land kind of a gal. And yet, in the span of one weekend, we tested two incredible experiences up in the air for you. And I have to say, what better way to see the beautiful Lake Geneva region than from high up above?

For the epicureans: The Hot Air Ballon Ride!

Reaching heights of up to 2,500 meters above the ground, the hot air balloon is honestly one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever lived, incomparable to anything else. Being a native from the region, I can honestly say that you haven’t truly seen a place until you’ve seen it from a birds’ eye view. Granted the weather conditions have to be perfect to ensure your safety, we have come to meet an incredible team who will make this a day you will always remember.

The rides take place either in the early morning or in the evening, and the meeting point is a “surprise” until the last minute as it depends on the direction of the wind – of course, it’ll be somewhere in your general region! The adventure begins by inflating the balloon, which already catches you up in something completely magical as you see it grow bigger and bigger with everyone working together.

As soon as the balloons are ready, we hop in with our welcoming captain who slowly takes you up into the air and you all of a sudden feel like you’re hitting a whole new dimension. Soaring through the clear blue skies, into the sunset, we admire the breath-taking vistas of the French Alps, the turquoise-blue Lake Geneva, the green meadows of the Swiss countryside and the ever-changing skies from light into darkness. The time of flight sweeps by as we take an infinite number of pictures, and we soon land in the outer landscapes of Lausanne to enjoy a glass of wine in good company, reminiscing about the memories we’ve made.

The great thing about this experience is that it’s completely versatile – why not enjoy the flight with a delicious fondue on-board to keep you warm or perhaps some local cheese and charcuterie? Wish to see the alps from above – we can go there too! The creativity here is endless!

For the thrill-seekers: Paragliding

If you’re looking for something a little bit more intense, the feeling of flying freely like a bird should do the trick… because after all, that’s the sensation that paragliding gives you. And it’s definitely something to tick off your bucket list!

We set off one morning to the Montreux region where we meet our expert pilot of the day, Fabian, a very pleasant and approachable local from the region. He drives us to his favourite take-off spot up in the mountains, about a 20-minute drive from Villeneuve, while we get to know each other and he shares with us some of his most wild flying experiences.

The setting at the top of the mountain where he takes us is absolutely gorgeous, as are the views looking down on Lake Geneva. Max is the lucky one who got to fly, and so I watch them as they get ready and all geared up, in time for the right wind to sweep them up in the air, and document their take-off by snapping away!

Max says that Fabian was great company during the flight, adapting the speeds according to much thrill he wanted, sharing some laughs, taking lots of pictures to commemorate the moment and steering them through the air to catch sights of the Chateau de Chillon, Lake Geneva and the Alps. The sensation was out of this world, you essentially feel like you’re escaping reality.


If you’re looking to experience the region from high up above, get in touch with us! We have lots of ideas for you to enjoy an unforgettable moment with your friends, your family, or with your colleagues! Believe us, you’ll have your followers’ Instagram feed shaking with all of the snaps you’ll want to share!