Chantal 24 April 2020

Travel Post Coronavirus: Our Thoughts

We hope that you’ve been keep safe with a positive mindset amidst these uncertain times. While everyone is dealing with the situation in their own way, this confinement certainly has most of us miss being able to travel and perhaps even realize how much we may have taken it for granted in the past.

While we’re unsure what travel will look like in the future, we’ve been taking part in a number of webinars regarding the prospects of the tourism industry and they all point in the same direction: short term travel will be more about exploring what’s in your own backyard, followed by a craving to discover more of the world, but differently than before. Maybe it won’t be as much about the crowded cities as it may be about enjoying the fresh air in the great outdoors. Maybe it won’t be as much about the bigger hotels, as it will be about the smaller, more personal boutique properties. Maybe it will be even more about the experience, than it will be about just clicking a button on a camera and ticking off the “must-see” list. Human connection will be at the heart of it all.

We may not know when we can travel again, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to dream and continue working on our bucket list (we’ve personally been updating ours and it’s becoming so long that we’ll probably need another lifetime to get through it!)

Switzerland is not only one of the safest countries with one of the finest medical systems in the world, but it is also the queen (or king) of the great outdoors. You can easily skip public transportation as this small country is best explored by car, and there are still many remote places where you can easily escape the crowds. To top it all off, we’re blessed with a number of boutique hotels and private chalets that have already promised to put in place strict health and safety measures in the future. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start dreaming…



A pristine place of inspiration and peace, of almost “unreal” beauty. Welcome to the Engadine valley, a jewel still very well preserved from any sort of mass tourism. It is an easy region to discover on your own: on the doorstep of your hotel you’ll find stunning mountain landscapes, crystal blue lakes, silvery mountain streams, iconic mountain road passes, charming little towns and if you’re lucky enough, you may even run into the wild life that have made this region their home! Want to know more? Contact us directly or have a look at all the reasons why we love this wildly romantic side of Switzerland.



(PPR/Saastal Tourismus AG/PatitucciPhoto)

Often over-shadowed by its spotlight-stealing neighbor, Zermatt, Saas Fee is a rare gem in the sense that the valley is actually quite immense (over 350km of hiking trails) but the village has beautifully managed to keep its true spirit and authenticity. Kids will love spotting the marmots, tobogganing down the alps and exploring the local gorges just as much as their parents. Need more convincing? The food is fantastic(!) and we’ve got just the perfect boutique hotel for you to take care of the rest…



For those who are looking to self-isolate without being too “isolated”, we can’t recommend one of our favorite regions in the whole of Switzerland enough. This is really what Swiss dreams are made of with the authentically-charming chalets, picture-perfect landscapes and the cows roaming about at every turn. You’ll not only be spoilt by the number of hiking possibilities that are suitable for families and couples alike, but also by the variation of experiences to be enjoyed within a day trip, from cheese-making to wine-making, from speleology to eating a fondue on a glacier, and everything in between. Read more about why we love this part of Switzerland here.

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