Chantal 06 May 2019

How To Experience The Best Of Lake Luzern

To say that if you only see one region of Switzerland, you’ve seen it all is certainly an oversight of all the contrast you have in such a small country. Even two regions so close to each other as the Bernese Oberland and the region of Luzern are two completely different worlds.
No matter how many regions you manage to experience, the “Vierwaldstadtsee” or “Lake of Four Cantons” in Central Switzerland is one that cannot be missed – its mysterious fjord-like shape, faultless countryside, warm hospitality, its shoreline extending to snow-capped mountains, without overlooking the traditional city of Luzern. And of course, it’s the birth place of Switzerland! What we love about this region in particular is that all of the tourist spots are few and precise, with lots of legroom left to journey to untouched places just waiting to be explored.

Here are our four favorite ways to explore Lake Luzern:


Lake Luzern Switzerland by sail boat

Direction central Luzern: walk past the queues of people waiting to board the traditional steam boats and hop aboard an intimate sail boat that’s expecting just you and your loved ones. With our Swiss captain, you’ll sail through the turquoise blue waters, take a dip in secret coves along the shoreline, see gems that you would miss by driving along the roads, and take in the stereotypically Swiss panorama. Why not spice up your experience with an apéro on board at sunset, or by stopping in one of the enchanting restaurants that you can’t reach by car?


Switzerland Lake Luzern Alps

From down below, it’s times to go up high. But just getting there is an experience of its own: you drive to a little village you’ve never heard of, and then a little further up, there’s a parking waiting for you – not a big one, but just a small one… No tour buses, no foreign license plates. You walk up to the departure of the only cable car there is. You take the phone, call the indicated number, hop aboard, and wait for the person on the other line to direct you up. You enjoy the journey up, take in the vistas, and arrive at a small mountain restaurant with the smell of food reeling you in. From the terrace, you have impressive views over the majority of Lake Luzern – still no tourists, just some locals. You eat a delicious plate of homemade Rosti, and either relax with a coffee or embark on a scenic hike in the alps, very very far from the beaten path…


Schloss Mengen Switzerland Lake Luzern

For the more active traveler, it’s time to pedal through the western side of the lake on your very own bike taking country roads and paths from Luzern all the way to Brunnen. You’ll journey through scenic nature, farm land, and forests, but also see the different faces the Lake of Four Cantons has to offer. Which will be your favorite?


Cheese Making Switzerland

The best places to go, are inevitably well kept in the hands of the locals. They know where to go to escape the crowds, for the best views, the finest picnic spots, the top routes to take and most importantly, they know their co-patriots as well… the small cheesemakers who will let you step in their shoes, the farms that will let you milk their cows, the last standing craftsmen who still make their very own alphorn (and can play them too!). We never use a guidebook to find the places to send our clients to – we travel to the places, we meet the locals and get their insider tips. You realize just how differently you see a destination from when you merely get a glimpse of its façade in the guidebook…

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