Chantal 05 May 2019

Made in Switzerland

What comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland ? Chocolate? Watches? Mountains? Or perhaps cheese?

The untouched beauty of our country goes indeed much further than its breath-taking landscapes: our passionate locals have an extraordinary savoir-faire in a number of areas, some of which may even come as a surprise to our compatriots. Let our boutique travel agency help you immerse in these traditions during your next trip to Switzerland for a truly local experience!

Enamell… what?

In the art of Swiss watch-making there is the mechanical side, but there is also what makes the beauty of each individual watch: its enamelling. It is a rare form of art which requires an impressive amount of attention, patience and eye for detail. Meet one of only three independent enamellers left today, a passionate lady who welcomes you whole-heartedly to her workshop. After a short visit, she’ll let you step in her shoes and have a try at this rare form of art that you’ll have the pleasure of taking home after.

Chocolate Wonderland

Swiss chocolate is the one thing that travelers can’t leave back home without, and we totally understand: its delicious taste and refined quality are absolutely unique in the world! But few travellers come to Switzerland and get the chance to go behind the scenes. Foodies worldwide will be in heaven when they enjoy a private access to the workshops of one of the most renowned chocolatiers, and get to personalize their very own chocolate to bring home. Yes, there is a chocolate fountain you can taste from and no, we understand if you don’t share with your friends and family what you’ve made.

The Travelling Cheese

Cheese is delicious. No matter if you eat it as a fondue, in a raclette, or alongside a glass of red wine. And chances are, you have Swiss cheese wherever you live in the world. However, what we bet you don’t have is the true, authentic experience of it. Let us take you to Heidi land: up in the alps, you’ll find a small mountain chalet, where a native makes his own cheese. See how the deliciousness is prepared, far from the tourist crowds, and even test your hand at making your own! We hope you followed all the steps, because after six months of maturation, you’ll find it on your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed with the whole family!

Tick Tock

Many people come to Switzerland and look for a watch to bring home as a souvenir. But which brand? And what style? More sporty or classic? Silver or gold? Well, what if we could tell our dear watch aficionados that they could create their very own Swiss watch, personalizing it in any which way they’d like.

In a charming workshop either in the city or in the tranquil countryside, immerse yourself in the art of clockwork by learning how to make your own mechanical or automatic watch alongside some of the industry’s finest watch-makers. What better souvenir of your stay in Switzerland?

More Wine Please!

Swiss wine is one of our country’s best kept secrets since the Roman times, not because of its quality, but because very little of it is exported internationally. That’s because we have only 15’000 hectares, which equals to only 10% of what is bottled in the region of Bordeaux – and it’s the Swiss who drink nearly all of the wine! On your next trip to Switzerland, don’t miss a private tasting alongside our passionate winemakers in one of the many wine regions, be it in the Lavaux (part of the UNESCO), the Valais (the largest region of wine-making) or even in Geneva! And don’t forget to leave some extra room in your luggage, because you’ll surely want to take more than one bottle home with you!

Life is Brewtiful

Did you know that we have the highest number of breweries per capita? Perhaps a revelation to many, but we’re always fascinated to see the number of new artisanal breweries popping up everywhere (more than 140 new “micro-breweries” in the last couple of years)– each with a distinct taste, irreproachable quality, and great creativity. Why not visit one next time you’re in the area and give us your feedback? We promise you won’t be disappointed!