Chantal 01 October 2020

Make Your Own Swiss Meringue

What does the fall mean to you?

For us, it means warm drinks by the fireplace, walks in the nature, pumpkin everything, that cozy feeling the cooler weather brings, change of wardrobe, the colors of the Indian Summer…. but it also means the end of ice-cream season, and the comeback of all other desserts!

To help you (and us!) get through this particularly strange fall season on a sweet note, we wanted to share with you a typically Swiss dessert: the Meringue. One of our favorite places to eat them is in the region of Gruyères, where they serve them with a very unique  “double cream” that they make, topped up with some fresh fruit… it sounds strange, but trust us, it’s super good! But the great thing about meringues, is that you can eat them however you like: on their own, with fruit, with whipped cream, or to accompany your ice-cream if you’re in the “summer is over” denial mood like us.

Meringue Recipe With berries

We got this recipe from the lovely Andie who we met earlier this summer. In a few words, she is a Swiss-Canadian local who is passionate about Swiss cuisine and beautifully proves that there is more to it than chocolate and cheese. Her recipes are always to die for… And the best part is that she will now be welcoming our foodie travellers for fun and inspiring farm-to-table cooking experiences!

So, as we wait to be free to roam the world again, we hope you enjoy this little taste of Switzerland at home in the meantime!


4 egg whites (120-130 g), room temperature

180 g sugar

1 tbsp vanilla paste or extract



Preheat oven to 120 C / 250 F / gas mark ½.

Using a large bowl and an electric mixer, whip the egg whites until they begin to get foamy, then add the vanilla.

Add a tablespoon of sugar and beat in. About every 15-30 seconds, add the next tablespoon of sugar until it has all been beaten in and the mixture is firming up.

Continue beating until the egg whites are stiff and glossy.

Transfer the mixture into a piping cone.

Pipe onto baking sheet.

Bake for about 2 hours, then turn off the oven and let dry out for an additional few hours.


…Bon Appétit!


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