Chantal 02 May 2019

Our 3 Favorite Winter Experiences

The winter season is one of our favourite times of the year here in Switzerland, with the snow-capped mountains, the smell of warm chestnuts in the streets and that poetic cold breeze over the Lake. And yet, many people narrow down the possible activities to skiing, staying at home, or travelling elsewhere, when actually there are lots of original things you can do just in the region…. Some that we had never even thought of before launching Chantal & Max. Here are our top three:

Snow almost automatically instils a romantic setting, whether it be with the beautiful snow-covered scenery on the outside or the cosy, warm feeling of being inside (preferably by a fireplace). So why not enjoy the best of both worlds with a “ski-joëring” experience in the nearby alps? You’ll get to take in the beauty of our region at a leisurely pace while being pulled on skis by our host’s gorgeous horses. The feeling compares to nothing else – it’s one of those times when you’ll actually be willing to put away your phone and your “selfie mode” and just enjoy the moment with your other half. After a tour through the snow-covered forests and shimmering snowy planes, the horses will take you to an authentic chalet for a fondue to help you warm up. Now, how does that sound for an out of the ordinary kind of a weekend?

Most people tend to wait until the hotter, summer months to fully enjoy the splendour of Lake Geneva. And yet, according to one of our favourite captains, winter is the very best time to cruise around because the lake is much less crowded, and there’s something special about being warmly dressed while enjoying the cold breeze. Plus, the scenery is breath-taking with the snow-covered mountains, frozen vineyards and the cities decorated in time for the holidays. So why not do a family outing this winter one of our captain’s boats or sail boats, help him with the manoeuvres if you’re up for it, or just sit back and enjoy another side of the region very few know. To warm up during the cruise, we suggest enjoying a hearty Raclette or afternoon tea! And if you’ve left the kids behind, an expert-led wine tasting might do the trick as well…

More and more, companies are looking to escape the ordinary with new and authentic experiences for their employees. Something that they haven’t done before, that solidifies the bond within the team, and brings home many stories to tell. We’ve been getting a bunch of requests from exactly these types of companies, desperate for something different. And when we get the request, we always try to use our creative imagination, rather than just a catalogue of activities. One of our most recent clients decided to go for something completely “back to the roots” – a half day outing in the nearby Jura with one of our very original hosts, a true character. They’ll appreciate the striking scenery through a treasure-hunt, during which they have different obstacles to surpass, in order to reach the main destination – a fireplace in the middle of the woods, around which they’ll sip on champagne and savour delicate finger food. How very “champêtre”! At the end, they’ll have a guided walk under the moonlight to an authentic chalet to enjoy their Christmas feast. Get the camera ready, Instagram is going to love this one!

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