Chantal 16 August 2019

Introducing our Latest Additions!

One of the perks of our job is exploring the beauty Switzerland weeks at a time from east to west, north to south in search of fantastic new properties that our clients will love. While this is something we love to do (can you blame us?), we also realize the importance of visiting all of our properties ourselves, rather than trusting a website. Through our experience, we’ve come to see properties that have fantastic websites that sell the dream, and when you get there, you realize it’s not all its hyped up to be. The contrary is actually true too: there are properties that have websites that are dated or the photos look so-so, and yet when you arrive, you can’t help but fall in love with them immediately.

Although we have a range of very different properties to suit all of our discerning travellers, we do make sure that they each have that “je ne sais quoi” that will guarantee our travellers experience the trip of a lifetime. For us, that means the following criteria:

  • Each property must exude a minimum “Swissness”, meaning that it’s not one of those hotels that you can find in Tokyo, Miami, Paris or pretty much anywhere in the hotel. This pretty much rules out all big chain hotels for us.
  • Genuine caring and personal service so that our travelers never feel like just a room number.
  • We look for something special in the setting: either that it is central, with breath-taking views, or even a remote setting in more touristy areas like Luzern and the Berner Oberland to avoid the crowds and take in the stunning panorama in peace.
  • Though they may not all be five star, that there is all the comfort our travelers need to enjoy a relaxing and memorable stay.

While we’ve come to find many remarkable gems in recent times, here are our three favorite properties that we’ve found since January!


1. Castle on the Lake

This stunning castle, built in the 1800’s boasts only 9 rooms and prime location on the shores of a turquoise-colored lakes with nothing but breath-taking scenery all around… Trust us, you’ll never want to leave.


2. Go up, up and away

Hotel in the Swiss Alps

If you’re looking for a quintessentially Swiss experience, look no further than this one of a kind property situated way up in the remote alps, at 1920m above sea level. What is there not to like when you wake up to views like these, fresh air and the sound of cow bells outside your window?


3. The Italian Dolce Vita

Morcote, Ticino in Switzerland

Experience the Italian Dolce Vita the Ticino is famous for nearby one of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages with a contemporary boutique property set in a former medieval monastery with less than 15 rooms. The cherry on the tiramisu? The property also owns vineyards you can visit on horseback or with a homemade picnic.

Vico Morcote: Inaugurazione nuovo Relais Castello di Morcote. Nella foto. scorcio di una delle stanze del nuovo Relais Castello di Morcote © Ti-Press / Samuel Golay

Are you looking for an unmatched holiday in Switzerland, away from the tourist grid? Contact us today to design your personal itinerary featuring wonderful properties like these by emailing or by filling out our contact form. A bientôt!