Our Services

local expertise

An entry ticket to our local expertise: we’re from here, we’re based here, and we speak the local languages and know our country personally


We offer you travel assistance while you're here: if you have a question, just call, email or WhatsApp us


The best private guides and drivers to take you on experiential day tours, or to accompany you through your whole journey. They’re more than just guides, they’re locals who know their regions inside out. This way, you’re ensured to have the most authentic experience wherever you go in Switzerland.


Dining reservations to our favorite restaurants, from Michelin-stared Chefs to the authentic “Mom and Pop” restaurants.


Every great journey includes some surprises along the way


We offer a full travel planning service: from the itinerary design to booking all of your hotels, activities, transportation and more


Get an entry ticket to our local expertise: we’re based here, we speak the local languages, we know our country personally and we’ve tried and tested everything in our portfolio. The perfect recipe to an immersive, seamless trip!

travel book

Any great travel book can be measured in miles and memories. We create your personalized travel book with our tips for each day you're here: what scenic routes to take, the restaurants to try, where to go, what to do and where you’ll get the best pictures.

peace of mind

Save hours of planning and stressing: we guarantee your peace of mind. Your only job is to enjoy the ride!


- Detailed Swiss Topo hiking maps

- Local sim card

- Wireless wi-fi router

- Professional photographer to capture a special moment

Why Book With us

Hidden Gems of Switzerland: We’ll take you off the tourist map, away from the crowds and tour buses to see a side of Switzerland sightseers today rarely get to see. As you do your research, you’ll find that most tour companies always draw out the same itineraries… why not see the places where everyone wants to go to, before they know they want to go there?
Cost transparency: We have no surprise last-minute fees! Everything is included in the price we give you.
Custom travel experience: We don’t offer any pre-set packages or cookie cutter itineraries: everything is tailored to you.
Trusted insider knowledge: We’re always on the road, meeting our providers, testing our experiences and visiting our hotels. We invest heavily in this part of our job to give you the “crème de la crème” of advice you can find out there. We’ve tested everything in our portfolio, so we can tailor your perfect holiday.
Local flavour: We love to meet the locals in each region. Why? Because they’re the only ones who know about the experiences and the places you’ll never find on Google.
Single point of contact: During your whole trip, you’ll have one point of contact, to make sure that no information gets lost along the way. We’re not the biggest company, we just try to be the very best at what we do.
Luxury hospitality: Our background and previous career in luxury hospitality has shaped the ultimate eye for detail and the passion of providing service that goes above and beyond.
We’re here for you: We’re in the same country and time zone as you when you’re here… it doesn’t get much easier than that to get in contact!

Company Away Days & Incentives

We have the pleasure of planning management away days, incentives and residential seminars up to 25 people around Switzerland and neighbouring France.

Planning your board away day? Are you looking for an authentic activity to reinforce the relationship within your team, your clients, or your suppliers? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

We would be happy to tailor a unique experience on the road less travelled that you will always remember, with our five-star service experience and selection of exclusive properties and providers.

Do you already have your own itinerary?
No problem…

Let’s team up and let us spice up your holiday with some unforgettable experiences. If you’ve already put together an itinerary, but you’d like some local input on what hotel to choose, what transportation means are available to you or which activities will make this a holiday you’ll never forget, we charge a flat consulting fee of CHF 1’200, which includes all of the above.