Chantal 17 March 2020

The Bernese Oberland on the Road Less Travelled

If you research “Where to go in Switzerland”, 99.99% of websites will inevitably suggest the Bernese Oberland as part of your journey…. And we couldn’t agree more! We often refer to this region as the “postcard of Switzerland”, with its majestic alpine landscapes, rich pastures, authentic chalets, 800 glistening lakes and the Swiss flag reigning high and proud at every turn. However, the other side of the coin means that it is also a destination very much on the tour bus map…

And yet, if you know just where to go, it is possible to find the more genuine pearls by taking the road less travelled. Here are three still relatively well-preserved stops that we highly recommend as you explore the Bernese Oberland!

  1. Rosenlaui

As soon as you take the narrow winding road up to this valley, you know you’ve hit a special place. The wildly romantic Rosenlaui region set amidst the Swiss alps cannot be compared to anywhere else, offering the avid nature enthusiast a number of incredible hiking possibilities and the opportunity to uncover its glacier gorges that date back to thousands of years ago and are open to the public since 1902. But our favorite part was what we discovered after the walk through the gorges… a picturesque waterfall that can’t help but make you feel like you’re alone in the world, far from everything, in some sort of fairytale. While you’re here, we recommend you enjoy a tasty homemade meal at the Schwarzwaldalp restaurant a little higher up in the valley.


  1. Stockhorn

There is an abundance of mountain peaks to be explored in the Bernese Oberland. You have the most famous ones, such as the Schilthorn Piz Gloria and the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe), and then you have the lesser-known gems such as the Stockhorn and its jaw-dropping views over the legendary alps (including the Jungfraujoch and the Eiger), Lake Thun, all the way to the Jura and beyond. Take the cable car to the top, enjoy the views, take a few hundred photos and hike back down to your car through the flawless nature. On your way, we suggest you stop at the “Berggasthaus Obertstockenalp”, a cheese farm ready to welcome you for a simple local meal.


  1. Majestic Lake Thun

Few people know that Lake Thun is a smaller Swiss version of France’s renowned Loire Valley, with its five fairytale castles which you can visit inside or out: Thun Castle, Spiez Castle, Schadau Castle, Hunegg Castle and Oberhofen Castle. Each is unique in its own way, and offers superb views over the nearby region. Bonus for history aficionados: the lake is also home to 12 thousand year old churches steeped in myth and legend! And if you want to push the experience a little further, add a gourmet treat in the mix by eating at the Schadau Castle – we don’t know which is better, the views over the lake and the alps or their delicious cuisine…

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