Chantal 10 May 2019

The Original Zermatt

Zermatt has a very special place in my heart – it is where I went every since winter holiday with my family when I was growing up. I feel that when you’re little, you often keep a more idealistic memory of a place or of an event than it actually was. But for me, Zermatt was the cozy, car-free village, it was the slopes I’d race down with my dad, it was the good food we’d all enjoy together, the fun in the snow and it was a time when everything was much easier.

Obviously, many of our travelers request Zermatt because of its worldwide fame, partly due to the majestic Matterhorn, so it was important we go back to meet our partners, try out the restaurants, and try to find the things to do that are still off the tourist radar for our travelers. To be honest, I was dreading going back, afraid to see how things had changed, and boy have they changed since last time I was there… 17 years ago! I feel like the village multiplied in size by 10, and there are many more tourists than before.

However, during our few days there, I was relieved to find the “old Zermatt” that very much still exists with its genuine hospitality, some of the best food in the country, breath-taking views at every turn, and endless hiking. And yes, there are even places where you only hear Swiss-German! The cherry on the trip for me were the vibrant fall colors that made the setting all the more magical. For Max? Well, he just couldn’t get enough of the Matterhorn (you should see the number of pictures he has of it on his phone!)

Top 5 favorite things to do in Zermatt

Here are five of our favorite places and things to do. It was hard to choose which ones we’d share, but don’t worry: the rest of our gems you’ll find in your bespoke travel book during your next trip to Switzerland with Chantal & Max!

1.Seeing the sun go up and down on the Matterhorn… simply magical

2. But Max prefers it during the day, from the hike up to the Riffelalp via the Gletscher Garten. We’ve very rarely seen so much changing scenery in the span of one three-hour hike!

3. We honestly had no bad meal in Zermatt, it’s a foodie’s paradise! We didn’t have a “favorite” per se, but one that really stood out was Chez Vrony, an institution with honestly one of the best restaurant concepts we’ve seen in Switzerland. The service is very friendly, the owners welcome you with the shake of a hand (how often do you still see that nowadays?), the views are mind-blowing and the food as creative as it is tasty!

4. Take the time to admire the wildlife in one of the biggest wildlife regions of Switzeralnd: Zermatt is home to a variety of animals, such as marmots, ibex, deer, chamois, stags and more. If you know the right routes to take and the right time to go, you’ll have more than one good surprise along the way.

5. Having a hotel in the middle of the village is nice, but what about escaping to a remote location like this one, with only the nature, the pure mountain air, the wildlife and the Matterhorn in front of you? Yes, please!


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