Chantal 23 October 2020

The Swiss Luxury Marathon

We’re lucky to have travelled our fair share around the world (well, at least in a pre-covid world!) and it’s safe to say that some of the most memorable hotels we’ve had the chance to come across have been in our very own backyard.

What makes a hotel memorable? Well, it’s a personal question, for which everyone will have a different answer, but here’s our take on it. For starters, we truly believe that luxury isn’t found in marble, in a standardised greeting or in a dish of caviar. For us, it’s all about the experience. Because at the end of the day, do you remember the color of the wallpaper or the painting hanging over the bed? No. What you do remember, however, is how the hotel made you feel. You remember the overall experience, you remember the service, perhaps even the exceptional setting. Don’t get us wrong… we’re a sucker for the beautiful spas, the gorgeous bathtub and the totally instagrammable lobby. But we’ll need more than that to make it an unforgettable stay that we can look back to when we’re back in our daily routine.

Our portfolio of accommodation comprises properties of all shapes, stars and sizes… from the intimate family-owned chalet lost in the nature, all the way to the world-class five-star in the center city. We experience each property we work with because it’s only truly then that we get a feel for the service and the atmosphere… and we’re very proud of our portfolio that we’ve built over the years and we really love each property.

While we’re always on the lookout for the gems that are “off the beaten path” as we say, Switzerland is also known for its legendary hospitality and iconic “palaces”. So if you’re looking for luxury at its finest and you only have a limited time to spare, we’ve put together a “luxury marathon” with some of the unmissable properties that we feel have really hit the nail on the head. For your personalised luxury marathon, contact us by clicking here. Say good-bye to the corona blues and bon voyage!


Destination: Gstaad

The Alpina Hotel in Gstaad Switzerland The Destination: Welcome to Gstaad, a true gem of the alps! It may be one of the most famous ski resorts in the world for the rich and famous, but the region of Saanen is also a breath-taking destination filled with authenticity, tradition and savoir-faire. In the summer especially, you’ll only find nature enthusiasts here, making it the perfect getaway to relax and take in the fresh air of the great outdoors, boasting charming chalet villages, breath-taking panoramic mountain views and world-class restaurants for every taste. Plus, there’s not many places in the world where you’ll find a tractor riding alongside the newest Rolls Royce… Click here for more reasons why this is one of our favorite regions in the country.

The Hotel: Where to even start with this hotel… Is it the beautiful spa and outdoor pool? Is it the chalet-style rooms with a stylish twist? Is it the professional, yet friendly service philosophy that each member of the team represents in their awe-inspiring attention to detail? No, it must be the warm, cozy feeling created by the 100-year old wood recovered from old alpine farms, chalets and barns… Or perhaps it’s the three exceptional restaurants offering Michelin star cuisine? Whatever it is, it’s very far from the status quo…

Our Favorite Memory: Either our morning coffees on the terrace with the most spectacular mountain view or just sunbathing by the pool, with a cocktail in hand of course!


Destination: Andermatt

The Chedi Hotel in Andermatt, Switzerland Next Stop: Andermatt, a small and very authentic mountain village that is ideally located at the heart of Switzerland’s most scenic mountain roads and hidden military bases. Here, the nature is completely different from the rest of Switzerland– it is much rougher and wilder, reminiscent of the bucolic Scottish Highlands. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday stresses!

The Hotel: The Chedi represents the perfect combination between authentic nature, contemporary decor and five-star hospitality. The atmosphere is fresh and dynamic, thanks to its successful mix of mountain-inspired décor with an Asian twist. It is one of the most renowned properties in Switzerland for very good reason, with its high-level of service, beautiful spa and exquisite facilities. The food is also very much part of the experience, so don’t miss a taste of one of their international cuisines whether in their restaurant or in their relaxing lounge by the fireplace… A perfect getaway at any time of the year!

Our Favorite Memory: Take your shoes off, and dine in their lounge area, which is made up of the most comfortable couches you can literally just lie on… we had the fire place in front of us, Max with “the best burger he ever had” and just the heart-warming feeling of alpine cosiness.


Destination: Lake Luzern

Park Hotel Vitznau Lake Luzern Switzerland Last Stop: Wilkommen to the heart of Switzerland, on the shores where it all began in 1291. The region Lake Luzern is not only of great historical importance to the Swiss, but it is a truly spectacular sight, often compared to the Nordic Fjords. There are numerous activities no matter the weather or your interest: the world-famous historical city of Luzern, the lesser-known lakeside towns, the mountains offering endless possibilities for all levels of adventure, and the unique shape and diversity of the lake ensure a holiday you will never forget.

The Hotel: Few properties have captured our heart like this gem, which truly offers one of the most incredible hotel experiences in the world. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes it so magical, but let us try: Firstly, it offers incredible views over the fjord-shaped Lake Luzern and exceptional proactive service. Moreover, this boutique property benefits from a unique sense of tranquility and privacy, all whilst being set at the gateway of the city of Luzern, which can very easily be reached by car or by ferry in under an hour. Make sure you take some time to just enjoy its facilities… from its award-winning restaurants, the delicious breakfast by the water, to the spa, without forgetting the beauty of your own room!

Our Favorite Memory: Just feeling so far away from it all… we felt like we were at the Mediterranean, sunbathing next to the lake, private access to the water, the colors of the white architecture blended with the blue lake, almost reminding us of Greece. All of our worries seemed so far away…


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