Welcome to the Swiss version of the Dolce Vita! With its very distinct Mediterranean style and micro-climate, traditional cuisine and architecture reminiscent of Italy, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a new country as you explore the Ticino…. All whilst keeping with the structure and cleanliness Switzerland is renowned for, of course! During your time there, visit one of the numerous, wild and secluded alpine valleys such as the famous Val Verzasca, a magical valley of contrast sparkled with rustic villages, natural pools of emerald water and pristine nature. Immerse yourself in the region’s Italian-influenced gastronomy by learning to make your own risotto or enjoying a tour of Lugano through its best delicacies. Or, board a private boat and let your skipper take you to one of the historical and picture-perfect villages such as Morcote or Gandria on the shores of lake Lugano. And, we wouldn’t recommend you leave without taking the time to discover the beauty of Lago Maggiore and the very famous Italian lake of Como.
For those looking to make the most of their European vacation, you are just a stone’s throw away from the fashion capital of Milan.

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Some Ideas For Your Tailor-Made Holidays in the Ticino:

For Inspiration…

Take a boat to a local “grotto” that can be reached in no other way to make your very own traditional risotto

Explore the beautiful Val Verzasca through its local artisans

Discovere the city of Lugano through its food specialities

Visit the bucolic countryside on horseback

Enjoy a wine-tasting in a family-owned winery, followed by a homemade picnic amidst the vines

Home Away from Home

An intimate boutique hotel set at the top of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages


A serene luxury spa resort with panoramic views over Lago Maggiore