Chantal 04 May 2019

Welcome to Heidi land!

Switzerland may be a small country, but the number of things to see and do are endless. There is so much varied beauty to admire, from the majestic alps to the turquoise-blue lakes, without forgetting the rolling green hills, the picturesque villages and multi-colored vineyards. As of this year, we now offer the service of providing our clients with completely tailor-made itineraries including unique and out-of-the-ordinary accommodation to accompany “wow” experiences. As always, we want our clients to see a side of Switzerland that they wouldn’t get in their store-bought travel book – places only the locals know.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, one place no one should miss is the Berner Oberland, where you’ll find the Switzerland everyone dreams about with its traditional chalets, lush green valleys and breath-taking views pretty much everywhere you go. Welcome to Heidi land!

Here are our five favorite “must-sees” and “must-dos” while you’re in the area:

Number One:

Stay in a historic 18th century chalet perfectly combining comfort with tradition. Each room is individually designed with period furniture, and beautiful views of the mountainous valley are everywhere you go. The chalet includes a restaurant with delicious local, homemade cuisine… a great way to try out the regional specialties (often including cheese)!

Number Two:

Visit a mystical lake, lost in the middle of the forest. Enough said.

Number Three:

Hike up to the legendary Oeschinensee, a turquoise lake surrounded by mountain cliffs. Follow the walking paths, enjoy a picnic on the lake front, take a dip in the crystal clear waters or simply sit back and enjoy the views.

Number Four:

Grindelwald is a touristic alpine village, but for all the right reasons… it is the starting point to many of the most gorgeous hikes you’ll find. Our favorite is walking up to the Bachalpsee, with its glacier water reflecting the Schreckhorn – a paradise for any passionate nature photographers! The walk back down to Grindelwald is worthwhile especially in the spring season, with a firework of flowers blooming all around.

Number Five:

Escape the beaten path, go up to the alps, enter a rustic mountain chalet and meet a local cheesemaker, who will give you an exclusive glimpse of his passion. The cherry on top? You’ll make your very own cheese, which after a maturation of six months, will be sent directly to your doorstep. How’s that for a unique souvenir?