Chantal 08 May 2019

Why We Love Graubunden

There are so many places to worth seeing in Switzerland, sometimes you don’t even know where to start anymore. But one that was always particularly on our bucket list was also the one that was the farthest away… the region of Graubunden, one of the most raw, natural and wildest places in the country.

What’s not to love about the region of Graubunden?

We finally took the time to discover it this summer, and were surprised to find a place still relatively untouched in comparison to its fame. Apart from in the trains, you’ll mostly only come across locals, who come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a place with many facets, different from anywhere else we’ve seen, which means there’s something for everyone. Here are top 10 favorite things about the region of Graubunden.


1. Home To The Best Places For A Scenic Roadtrip

It is one of the best places if you’re looking for a scenic road trip. The passes we drove through reminded us of some of the wildest roads we’ve taken in the north of Scotland, you essentially feel like you’re all of a sudden on another planet.

2. Capuns!

The food! You’ll barely find the traditional bratwurst and rösti here. Graubunden has its own specialties, which perfectly blend the Swiss &Italien influence. The dish that caught our heart? The Capuns, made from Spätzle dough with a delicious meat or vegetable filling, rolled in a chard leaf…. Bon Appetit!


3. The Swiss Viaducts

The Viaducts! Yes, they are what you see on just about every Swiss marketing ad. But when you get up close and personal, they really are all they’re raved up to be.


4. Discover Switzerland By Train

We mostly encourage our clients to take the car to discover Switzerland, because there are just so many scenic roads, so many gems that can only be reached by car, and just having the liberty to stop where you want is priceless. But the trains in Graubunden are a once in lifetime experience – all you have to do is sit back, relax and take in the breath-taking views… one after the other. We particularly recommend experiencing the Bernina Express for the ultimate Swiss train experience.


5. The Special Architecture

The architecture of the villages: each one is beautifully maintained, and the buildings are a piece of art, similar to no other we’ve seen before.


6. Lakes, Lakes and More Lakes! 

If you’re a water person, you’ll love this part of Switzerland. Who knew there could be such a variety when it comes to lakes? From mystical ones lost in the forest, to those in the wild of the mountain passes, and without forgetting….


7. Kitesurfing in Switzerland? Yes, please!

The Silvaplauna Lake near St. Moritz! You immediately feel like you’re on the coast of France or Portugal with an array of kite surfers enjoying the winds in a magnificent alpine setting. Our proof that Switzerland really does have everything to offer!


8. Hiking Heaven

Of course, with majestic alps come… beautiful hikes! Whether it be in the national park, a real treat for wild-life lovers, or on the peak of Muottas Muragl for the unbelievable panorama, there is something for every hiker here.


9. Two Words…

… the views (at every turn). Get ready to have your jaw drop multiple times in a day.


10. Genuine Hospitality, On The Road Less Travelled

Having a background in hospitality, we could not leave this list without mentioning the warmth of the locals, and the quality of the hotels. We’ve found some real gems off the tourist map… so what are you waiting for?

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