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  • YOU DON’T WANT TO LIMIT YOURSELF TO THE TOURIST MAP. You’re looking for a luxury holiday with local flair.
    • Here you are, planning your perfect holidays in Switzerland. 99% of the time, you come across the same destinations, hotels and activities. And yet, you’re looking for something more, something unique, far from the crowds. You want to put yourself in the shoes of a local. You don’t want to feel like another tourist…
    • Switzerland is filled with awe-inspiring places, traditions and storytellers that most travelers will never get to see. That’s because they aren’t found on google or in your favorite guide book. We consider that true luxury is giving you access to what the typical tourist does not have access to.That’s why we’ve spent years exploring Switzerland’s every nook and cranny, knocking on people’s doors and curating our own hosted experiences so that you can truly capture the essence of Switzerland, far from the tour buses.
  • EXPERT LOCAL GUIDANCE is an important requisite for your peace of mind… and thus success of your trip!
    • We know how stressful planning a trip and travelling to a country that is not yours can be. Which of the online advice should I follow? Which hotel or activity is actually worth it? How long should we stay in this area? What if there is a problem once we get there? What season should we even visit? You sometimes even feel like you’re gambling your precious holidays, not sure of what you’ll find when you get there…
    • There are some things Google can’t beat, and that’s the human connection and up-to-date local knowledge. We regularly travel around Switzerland to sleep in the beds, eat at the restaurants, take the most secret backroads, and meet our guides to be able to leave nothing to chance. Plus we live here, so not only are we up to date on the most relevant local information, but we are easily accessible if you have any questions while you’re here!
  • You’re looking for that PERSONAL HUMAN TOUCH to host you for a trip of a lifetime…
    • You don’t want just another cookie cutter experience or just a regular tour company that does hundreds of trips per year. You’re looking for that personal connection that will offer you the most exclusive and special experiences in Switzerland. Because let’s face it: there’s nothing like a holiday that you can’t wait to tell everyone back home about.
    • When you book a trip with us, you’ll only be in touch with us two from start to finish. We pride ourselves in offering a personal service that is filled with genuine care and authenticity. Everything we do throughout our all-in-one service comes from the heart, which is why we only take a limited number of trips per year: to fully dedicate ourselves to each and every one of our guests. The same is true for our hosted experiences with Max: each one is designed and personalized for you. There are no boundaries to what we can create.
  • TIME IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET, spend it doing the things you love, with the ones you love.
    • It’s a fact: planning a trip can be an extensive and confusing process. You can end up spending hours searching the internet, reading contradictory information, detangling what’s relevant, scrolling up and down the list of hotels, finding what’s right for you, and then making all of the reservations, dealing with last minute changes, and the list goes on…
    • So why not leave the work to us? Travel planning is our specialty, and we’re your one-stop-shop for everything Switzerland, from designing your itinerary, to making all of the bookings, without forgetting all of the little details you may not have thought of in between. This way you can enjoy the fun and anticipation of planning your holidays, while saving countless hours of headache. That’s what we call a win-win!

Then you’re in the right place!

For worldly travellers seeking expert guidance in Switzerland, we are here as your local travel designers, to host you on a bespoke holiday with genuine devotion and exclusive experiences that will take you further than you ever imagined.

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Our Guestbook

  • We’ve had a visit to Switzerland on our bucket list for a long time and Chantal & Max brought it to life for us! We wanted to see it all, get to know some of the locals, and experience the culture of the Swiss people versus just going to a big city or riding a big bus to all the tourist sites! We also wanted free time to drive and explore on our own and be able to change up the itinerary if we discovered something new that we wanted to experience. They delivered a home run on all counts!
    Not to give away some of their secrets, but if you want to go where not even some of the Swiss go, let them plan your trip! They listen to what you want and then they design an itinerary that gives you what you want!
    We explored Switzerland for 12 nights with their help and we would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a unique trip that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

    Duane and Yvonne – September 2022

  • Hands down – the best tour experience we have had in our worldwide travels. Chantal & Max put together such a unique, local oriented vacation for our group of four that we will be talking about for years. The reservations included staying at a beautiful villa overlooking Lake Geneva in Montreux. Our group has run out of adjectives to describe all the great things and local people we interacted with during our stay. They really gave us a chance to experience the local culture and lifestyle that a larger tour could not deliver. Cheese making – wine making – paper cutting – chocolate making – all by local artisans and we were able to participate. The highlight was two very special dinners that Max and Chantal setup for us at local vineyards – I don’t want to spoil the surprise you would have by using them – just know it was wonderful.

    Bob and Shelley – September 2022

  • Chantal & Max are simply the best of the best. They customize a trip to your interests, preferences, and how you like to travel. Their knowledge of Switzerland is unparalleled. They put together a trip that we would never have been able to design on our own – no crowded tourist spots, not cookie cutter itineraries. Just when we thought nothing could top what we had done, the next day was even better. We went to the spots that locals go to and that you would only know if you were a local – family farms on the mountain side only accessible by private cable car, mountain passes and glaciers off the beaten path, Alpine restaurants with the most glorious views. Chantal & Max made the trip seamless – they knew what hotel rooms to book – with each more jaw dropping than the last (best hotels we have ever stayed in, next level service)… We can’t wait to return to Switzerland!

    Rashmi and Curt – September 2022

  • We had the trip of a lifetime and fell in love with Switzerland. Max and Chantal curated a picture perfect itinerary. Our experiences were unique and meaningful and we had the privilege of meeting guides that were authentic, knowledgeable and kind. Max and Chantal listened to our travel goals and exceeded every one. In addition to being expert travel planners, Max and Chantal are just lovely human beings and we feel fortunate to have found them. We cannot recommend them enough!

    Amanda and Mike – August 2022

  • Not only did Chantal & Max meet our expectations, but they also far exceeded them! I honestly never would have imagined that such a thoughtful, seamless, unforgettable itinerary could be designed and coordinated in one-weeks’ time. Upon arrival in Switzerland, we experienced true 5-star service with everyone we encountered, from the tour guides to the hotel staff and drivers that took us from city to city. During our time in Switzerland, we had the opportunity to engage one-on-one with locals from a variety of backgrounds, from cheese makers and chocolatiers to wine makers. The knowledge, passion, and genuine desire of all these individuals to provide you with the best experience can’t be found anywhere else. As a boutique company, Chantal & Max have carefully curated experiences that will last a lifetime. Look no further, rest assured that Chantal & Max will plan the trip of a lifetime in Switzerland for you!

    Chris – July 2022

  • Chantal and Max created an extraordinary Swiss vacation for us. It was unique and well paced so we enjoyed every moment. We avoid all the usual tourist traps and experienced the real swiss alps with beautiful scenery and local flavors. The hotel and restaurant selections were first rate. We would highly recommend using them again.

    Patrick and Betsy – July 2022

  • We cannot say enough great things about Chantal & Max! It was our first experience with a travel agency, I am so grateful to them both. The various hotels chosen for us were all just fantastic. The experiences were interesting, engaging and informative. The sincerity of the people we toured with (cheesemaker, wine maker, chocolate maker, Alpine horn maker, Sail experience) was so endearing and special. We never felt like a number or a tourist.

    If your considering Switzerland, this dynamic duo is your best bet. We have already talked to 2 other couples we know about going to Switzerland and we have fallen in love with this beautiful country.

    Attentive, kind, amazing and responsive. I HIGHLY recommend. They made my husband’s birthday and wow. wow and wow. We were lucky enough to spend the day with Max in Vevay and I have officially adopted him as my nephew.

    Lynda and George – June 2022

  • The Swiss tour Chantal & Max designed for our family was out of the ordinary and we will treasure our experiences in Switzerland for the rest of our lives. Exploring Switzerland with Chantal and Max is the only way to do justice to the beautiful country and the wonderful local people who take pride in what they do. It was not a typical touristy experience. We simply loved it and came home transformed and inspired by what we saw and everyone we met.

    Harini and Senthil – June 2022

  • Chantal and Max took all of the stress and worry out of the process of booking a trip in unknown territory. I was looking for an “off the beaten path” experience for a honeymoon and was unsure of where to begin or what to even ask. Chantal listened and patiently guided me through the process from beginning to end. The honeymoon would have never been so special if I had gone through our local travel agency. My son and his wife returned with such a love for Switzerland which could only come from a wonderful connection with the country and the extraordinary people who live there. Above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Chantal and Max!

    Sherri, Texas – June 2022

  • Chantal & Max’s travel services lived up to their mission of providing bespoke tours that give you the opportunity to interact with the true roots and artisans of Switzerland. We gave you a hard challenge of creating a Sunday adventure activity and elegant meal for eight and you delivered spectacularly. Additionally we had a short window of time to see and experience another part of the country, I didn’t have the time or knowledge to research all the logistics and you made it so easy.

    Carlene, Oregon – August 2021

  • Let me start by saying – AMAZING! The level of service we received with Chantal & Max was unprecedented! This trip was special, as we wanted to combine our love (and business) of cheese and desire to see this beautiful country not as a tourist, but as something more more unique – personal, fully customized, and off the beaten track.

    The service they provide YOU CANNOT DO YOURSELF – no matter how much research, planning or know how. They have not only the experience, the personal connections, but more importantly a level of service and ability to think outside of the box that transform your regular holiday to something magical. They hit the mark on every single level, and we will absolutely use their services for any and all future trips back to Switzerland!

    Jennifer & Tim, Colorado – January 2020

  • If you ever visit Switzerland and want an amazing experience you MUST call Chantal and Max. These guys are the best. I had a free day between business meetings and wanted to see the “real” Switzerland. Something off the beaten track. Chantal set up an amazing day and Max executed the memorable day flawlessly. By the end of the day I felt like I had known Max for much longer than 10 hours. Thank you guys for allowing me to see the true “heart” of Switzerland. I am sure I will be back to spend more time together.

    Harris – November 2019

  • Chantal and Max endeavored to understand our trip objectives and preferences, provided their valuable views and suggestions. We engaged them for 4 days and it turned out to be absolutely experiential. The quality of the places they brought us to we’re fantastic, truly local experience and engaging. Chantal does great planning and is detail oriented whilst Max delivers a highly personalized experience and goes the extra mile in every way he could. Thank you Chantal & Max for delivering your brand promise and for going out of your way to create a memorable travel experience for us.

    Aileen & Henry – October 2019

  • Chantal & Max are an extraordinary duo we can only recommend to orchestrate unforgettable moments, filled with emotion. The family tour they crafted for us was absolutely priceless.

    Mickael & Frederique-Morgane – August 2019

  • Chantal and Max showed us Switzerland in a way that no brochure, picture, or ordinary tour could ever fully capture. From sweeping vistas to personal experiences with locals, they unveiled the true beauty of Switzerland – one perfectly tailored adventure at a time.

    Natalie, Georgia – July 2019

  • We had the most amazing trip to Switzerland and would highly recommend Chantal & Max. They took time to understand our needs and interests, and this resulted in a thoughtful itinerary that exceeded our expectations. The vacation was exquisite!

    Lynda  – June 2019

  • …thank you for all your hard work setting up our fantastic tour of your beloved Switzerland!
    Your taste in restaurants and hotels is exquisite !!!! We loved them all !! You two were absolutely awesome! We all are very grateful for the fabulous trip you put together for us.

    Dean – May 2019

  • Chantal & Max have been great to work with. Executing the travel itinerary by listening to our request and bring it to fruition. We were very grateful for their attention to detail, making the necessary modifications once our plans unexpectedly changed was priceless!! Thanks, for continuing to exceed our expectations and creating a memorable experience.

    Antoine – March 2019

  • This is the best agency I have ever used for planning travel experiences and adventures. Chantal was kind, organized and responsive when planning our trip in Switzerland. Max was our host and guide and he gave us an unforgettable tour. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that it was the most fun we’ve had on any European vacation in over a decade… An exceptional experience! We will definitely be planning our next trips with Chantal & Max.

    Dustin – March 2019

  • When you visit a country where you know someone, you see that country like no tourist would ever see it. You see places and things perhaps known only to local residents and you hear the stories of what they know about their homeland and growing up there. Because of Chantal & Max, this is the kind of experience we had on our Swiss journey. A most memorable, unmatched time!

    Rashida & Frank – September 2018

  • We felt cared for throughout our planning and holiday. The hotels and activities were wonderful and felt exclusive. We very rarely had to deal with busloads of tourists and enjoyed interacting more with the locals to get a better idea of life in Switzerland rather than just checking things-to-see of a list. I wish we could find a team like yourselves for every one of our holidays!

    Jennifer – September 2018

  • Chantal & Max are both knowledgeable and ethical. They are a true pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them to fellow travelers.

    Virginia – June 2018

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How We Design Your Holidays in Switzerland

We get to know YOU
We get to know YOU
We get to know YOU

The most important step of our planning process: we get to know you, your travel style, your likes and dislikes, and what the perfect holiday looks like for you. We typically do so by arranging a free consultation call.

This is also your chance to ask us any questions and make sure we’re the right fit for you!


Once you’ve decided you’d like to work with us, we will start crafting your journey and all of your individual hosted experiences. This is your holiday, and we want you to be excited about it, so once we send you our ideas, you can either give us the green light, or let us know of any modifications you’d like to make.


When we have nailed down your perfect itinerary, we will take care of all of the little details, from your transportation, to your restaurant bookings, and everything in between. We'll usually be in close contact in case of any changes and to make sure you have everything you need for your trip!

You Make Unforgettable Memories
You Make Unforgettable Memories
You Make Unforgettable Memories

> Your custom private tour is now ready to be savoured! Bon voyage, and know that we’re just a call, email or Whatsapp away if you have any questions at any time.

Meet Your Local Travel Planners, Chantal & Max!


I’m Chantal, the one you’ll be in touch with most of the time as we plan your trip!
I am Swiss (where I probably get my Germanic organisation and timeliness from!), grew up in the US, have a background in luxury hospitality.
Through my fair share of travels around the world, I came to realise that my best memories were not those hopping from one landmark to the next; but rather the stories shared with locals, finding myself in the most breath-taking spots with no tour buses in sight, tasting local cuisine in a mom and pop restaurant and fully immersing myself in the culture.
I always felt this side of Switzerland was rarely shown to visitors – sure Interlaken and Luzern are on everyone’s list, but what about all the other hidden gems that make Switzerland tick?
We also know how time consuming it can be looking for them online, getting lost on the daunting internet with no guarantee of what you will find when you get here. That is why we decided to leave the luxury hospitality industry in London and come home with a mission of giving you back your precious time, while showing you the Switzerland we intimately know and love… one unforgettable memory at a time.

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I’m Max, and I’ll be your host, tour guide and local friend here in Switzerland!
Born and raised in the beautiful region of Lake Geneva, I always knew professional yet genuine hospitality was in my blood. Indeed, I am the happiest when I am taking care of people and see the smile on their faces. That’s why I pursued my studies at the Hospitality School in Lausanne (where I met Chantal) and then went on to the start-up and luxury hospitality industry in Switzerland and in the UK.
I believe that luxury today isn’t found in the shape of a marble bathroom, but rather in the attention to the smallest of details, having your needs foreseen and enjoying access to the type of experiences that others don’t have access to. And that’s what I hope to give you too as I show you my favourite spots, locals and traditions, because you shouldn’t have to feel like a tourist. Your holidays are just too precious to be anything but perfect.

Experience a Day Tour with Max

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