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Chantal & Max, a duo of local insiders, unveil for you switzerland's best kept secrets curated for the most curious and discerning travelers


  • Your time is luxury,
  • Your holidays are too precious not to be exceptional
  • You are a traveler, not a tourist
  • You are looking to transcend Switzerland’s boundaries and connect with its locals far beyond its typical tourist destinations
  • You want unique access to the most unmatched, un-googleable experiences
  • You love genuine and remarkable hotels
  • You want everything to be taken care of for you
  • You love delightful surprises along the way
Then we have what you need to design your dream holiday to Switzerland and make it one you will never forget.

Our Secret to Making Your Trip Unique

  • We offer a complete and highly-personalized travel planning service in Switzerland.

    We suggest, book and coordinate your accommodation, private activities, insiders experiences, restaurants and transportation solutions.

  • You will never be on your own. Your bespoke travel booklet will accompany you along your trip, with all the details and recommendations that you need.

    Do you need further assistance? We are locally based and just a call or a text away to help if you need anything.

Discover our Genuine, Remarkable Accommodation in Switzerland

We offer a complete and highly-personalized travel planning service in Switzerland.

We suggest, book and coordinate your accommodation, private activities, insiders experiences, restaurants and transportation solutions.

Authentic Insider Experiences

You will never be on your own. Your bespoke travel booklet will accompany you along your trip, with all the details and recommendations that you need.

Do you need further assistance? We are locally based and just a call or a text away to help if you need anything.

Why We Are the Right Fit for Your Trip to Switzerland

We are not just a company and you are not just a number. We are people taking care of other people’s dreams.

Not only are we real people, but we are also dedicated, friendly, organized and efficient. To sum it up: we are professional.

We both have a luxury hospitality background. We enjoy taking care of people in the smallest detail and love to spice up your trip with surprises along the way.

We know our country intimately. Our travels across the many hidden corners of Switzerland have allowed us to build extensive insider knowledge and expertise.

We invest a lot of time searching for hidden gems, sourcing the best hotels and uncovering a heap of ungoogleable experiences. We make a point to visit every hotel and experience in our portfolio to make sure it is up to the standard that you deserve. We never, ever rely on websites.

That also means that we know all of our guides and partners personally. If there is a problem, we know who to call and in this ever-changing world, they continuously update us on their services and their regions.

Because of this, we’re always on the road ourselves, so we know what you need and what’s best for you when you travel.

By trusting us with your next trip, you save and optimize your precious time, you make the most out of your holidays with peace of mind. Priceless.

Speaking of price, we have no hidden costs. The final price we give you is the price you end up paying. It’s just simpler for everyone.

We live here in Switzerland. Being locally based, we are always here for you in case you need any help.

We are your only point of contact. With us, you don’t lose time dealing with several providers where your requirements get lost along the way.

Sorry, no pre-established travel packages here. We only craft personalized itineraries as we think your trip should be as unique as you are.

How We Plan Your Trip to Switzerland With You

LET'S TALK icon-1

We start with the most important and fundamental part: getting to know you.

Through a complimentary call, we discuss what you’re looking for and what makes a vacation unique for you. Here you can also ask us any questions, to make sure we’re the perfect match for you.


Our itineraries are entirely tailored to you. You can amend these as much as you like, or even ask us to create a brand new one.

The most essential thing is that you’re excited about your holiday!


When you’re happy with your itinerary, we’ll also look at the activities, your transportation and any other experiences that you would like to add on.

Throughout the planning stage, we will continue to finetune your journey to make sure your itinerary is customized to the travel experience you're looking for.

Bon voyage!
Bon voyage! icon-4
Bon voyage!

It’s travel time! Now you are ready to enjoy your time in Switzerland with your bespoke travel book by your side.

If you have any questions during your trip, need help (or just want to say hi!), just get in touch with us. We're available at any time!

Bon voyage!

Explore Some of our Favorite Places

Click on the points on the map to discover some of our best-loved places and experiences in Switzerland

Immerse yourself in Swiss tradition and culture with a stop in the postcardperfect region of Appenzell!
Lake of Four Cantons
Say Cheese!
Forget the cookie-cutter visit to the cheese factory - this exciting experience goes way beyond what you could ever expect...
The Lavaux
Beyond the Lavaux
One of the most breath-taking regions of Switzerland is one that is still relatively well hidden from the tourist map..
A Ski-In Ski-Out Mountain Paradise
Escape the hustle and bustle of Zermatt with this gem located at more than 2’000m up in the alps, with front seat views...
The Thrills of Dog Sledding
You don’t have to be a ski fanatic to enjoy the beauty of the Swiss winter wonderland...
The Italian Dolce Vita
One of our favorite getaways is none other than this stunning small boutique hideaway with less than 15 rooms...
As you reach this haven at 1250m in altitude, you feel like you’ve landed on another planet with its population...
  • What our Travellers Say

    We had the most amazing trip to Switzerland and would highly recommend Chantal & Max. They took time to understand our needs and interests, and this resulted in a thoughtful itinerary that exceeded our expectations. The vacation was exquisite!

    Lynda, Minnesota, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    This is the best agency I have ever used for planning travel experiences and adventures. Chantal was kind, organized and responsive when planning our trip in Switzerland. Max was our host and guide and he gave us an unforgettable tour. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that it was the most fun we’ve had on any European vacation in over a decade… An exceptional experience! We will definitely be planning our next trips with Chantal & Max.

    Dustin, Massachusetts, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    When you visit a country where you know someone, you see that country like no tourist would ever see it. You see places and things perhaps known only to local residents and you hear the stories of what they know about their homeland and growing up there. Because of Chantal & Max, this is the kind of experience we had on our Swiss journey. A most memorable, unmatched time!

    Rashida & Frank, Florida, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    Chantal & Max have been great to work with. Executing the travel itinerary by listening to our request and bring it to fruition. We were very grateful for their attention to detail, making the necessary modifications once our plans unexpectedly changed was priceless!! Thanks, for continuing to exceed our expectations and creating a memorable experience.

    Antoine, Texas, USA (return traveller)

  • What our Travellers Say

    We felt cared for throughout our planning and holiday. The hotels and activities were wonderful and felt exclusive. We very rarely had to deal with busloads of tourists and enjoyed interacting more with the locals to get a better idea of life in Switzerland rather than just checking things-to-see of a list. I wish we could find a team like yourselves for every one of our holidays!

    Jennifer, South Africa

  • What our Travellers Say

    Chantal and Max showed us Switzerland in a way that no brochure, picture, or ordinary tour could ever fully capture. From sweeping vistas to personal experiences with locals, they unveiled the true beauty of Switzerland – one perfectly tailored adventure at a time.

    Natalie, Georgia, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    …thank you for all your hard work setting up our fantastic tour of your beloved Switzerland!
    Your taste in restaurants and hotels is exquisite !!!! We loved them all !! You two were absolutely awesome! We all are very grateful for the fabulous trip you put together for us.

    Dean, California, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    Chantal & Max are both knowledgeable and ethical. They are a true pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them to fellow travelers.

    Virginia, California, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    It was an exceptional experience. We stayed in hotels and locations that we would not have found on our own. It was seamless and a most memorable trip for all of us. We would highly recommend Chantal & Max.

    Sarah-Kate, New York, USA

  • What our Travellers Say

    Perfection is in essence, the DNA of Chantal & Max Experience Agency.

    Mickael, France

  • What our Travellers Say

    A dream we wish for everyone to experience: Chantal & Max can truly be trusted…

    Olivier, France

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Meet Chantal & Max


Hello, I am Chantal! I am a dual French and Swiss citizen, raised in the United States, and I can definitely say that I was born with the travel bug.

My love for travel and my immersion in the hospitality industry led me to study business and hospitality management at the renowned Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.

Throughout and after my studies, I moved around between Paris, London and Geneva to work in the operations, sales and marketing teams of some of the world’s most unique boutique properties.

In our spare time, Max and I would love to not only travel through the many cultures of the world, but also to uncover what we have in our own backyard.

My passion for adventure and unique experiences led me to create a more tailored and personable approach in the travel industry. In 2017 I co-founded Chantal & Max, because I wanted to share all wonders of Switzerland that tourists rarely get to see as they follow the traditional tourist map.


Hi, this is Max! I was born and raised in the region of Lake Léman, one of my favourite parts of the world still today. With my eye for detail, love for travel and innate dedication to go above and beyond in ensuring the well-being of those around me, there could not be a more obvious path than pursuing the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, the leading hospitality school in the world.

I graduated with not only my diploma, but also a hefty number of stamps in my passport and the girl of my dreams, Chantal. My career to this day, whether in London, Malta or Switzerland always married my two passions: luxury hospitality operations and the thrill of entrepreneurship. In 2017, I co-founded Chantal & Max and so far, I’ve been lucky enough to collect a significant amount of inspiration as to what makes a holiday unique and unforgettable.

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