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  • You are looking for an A to Z travel solution to save yourself time, hassle and worry
    • We feel you, the internet is a scary place with too much information that you can easily get lost in. That’s why we’re here to craft and coordinate every aspect of your trip in Switzerland: from your bespoke itinerary to your accommodations, your curated activities and everything in between. We’re basically your one stop shop for everything Switzerland.
    • We are your only point of contact, so your requirements and your time will never get lost along the way…
    • Not only do we help you plan your trip in advance but we will also be available if you need us once you are here!
  • You would rather deal with locally based and knowledgeable professionals so that you can seamlessly make the most of your precious holidays.
    • We live, work and breath (in) Switzerland… So we know the exact reality of what is going on here, which is always useful to give you the most relevant insight and unbiased advice!
    • As your local specialists, we are always travelling around the country to maintain and develop our network of trusted partners.
    • This means that we know all of our providers personally. We have visited every hotel and tested each experience in our portfolio to ensure our offer is up to the standard you deserve. This is to guarantee that you won’t find any bad surprises along the way…
  • You had to choose between top-notch quality and a back to the roots, immersive dimension for your next trip, you would choose both
    • As a couple, not only do we share a luxury hospitality background, but we also have the same passion for exquisite service. Genuinely taking care of people to the smallest detail and spicing their trip up with surprises is kind of our thing.
    • For us, luxury is giving you access to what the typical tourist does not have access to. If you’re the kind of person who looks to see and feel a destination for what it truly is, then you’re in the right place.
    • Our aim is to immerse you in the essence of Switzerland, introduce you to our one of a kind storytellers, bring you to the most amazing places and offer you exclusive experiences.
  • You are seeking for a person to person approach for your wishes and desires to be heard and fulfilled
    • We are not just a company and you are not just a number. We are people taking care of other people’s dreams.
    • A friendly and familiar service combined with an unparalleled level of dedication and professionalism is at the heart of our philosophy.
    • Sorry, there are no pre-established travel packages here. We customise each itinerary to you and your loved ones because a successful trip is the one as unique as you are.

Our Guestbook

  • Let me start by saying – AMAZING! The level of service we received with Chantal & Max was unprecedented! This trip was special, as we wanted to combine our love (and business) of cheese and desire to see this beautiful country not as a tourist, but as something more more unique – personal, fully customized, and off the beaten track.

    The service they provide YOU CANNOT DO YOURSELF – no matter how much research, planning or know how. They have not only the experience, the personal connections, but more importantly a level of service and ability to think outside of the box that transform your regular holiday to something magical. They hit the mark on every single level, and we will absolutely use their services for any and all future trips back to Switzerland!

    Jennifer & Tim, Colorado, USA – January 2020

  • If you ever visit Switzerland and want an amazing experience you MUST call Chantal and Max. These guys are the best. I had a free day between business meetings and wanted to see the “real” Switzerland. Something off the beaten track. Chantal set up an amazing day and Max executed the memorable day flawlessly. By the end of the day I felt like I had known Max for much longer than 10 hours. Thank you guys for allowing me to see the true “heart” of Switzerland. I am sure I will be back to spend more time together.

    Harris, Pennsylvania, USA – November 2019

  • Chantal and Max endeavored to understand our trip objectives and preferences, provided their valuable views and suggestions. We engaged them for 4 days and it turned out to be absolutely experiential. The quality of the places they brought us to we’re fantastic, truly local experience and engaging. Chantal does great planning and is detail oriented whilst Max delivers a highly personalized experience and goes the extra mile in every way he could. Thank you Chantal & Max for delivering your brand promise and for going out of your way to create a memorable travel experience for us.

    Aileen & Henry, Singapore – October 2019

  • Chantal & Max are an extraordinary duo we can only recommend to orchestrate unforgettable moments, filled with emotion. The family tour they crafted for us was absolutely priceless.

    Mickael & Frederique-Morgane, France – August 2019

  • Chantal and Max showed us Switzerland in a way that no brochure, picture, or ordinary tour could ever fully capture. From sweeping vistas to personal experiences with locals, they unveiled the true beauty of Switzerland – one perfectly tailored adventure at a time.

    Natalie, Georgia, USA – July 2019

  • We had the most amazing trip to Switzerland and would highly recommend Chantal & Max. They took time to understand our needs and interests, and this resulted in a thoughtful itinerary that exceeded our expectations. The vacation was exquisite!

    Lynda, Minnesota, USA – June 2019

  • …thank you for all your hard work setting up our fantastic tour of your beloved Switzerland!
    Your taste in restaurants and hotels is exquisite !!!! We loved them all !! You two were absolutely awesome! We all are very grateful for the fabulous trip you put together for us.

    Dean, California, USA – May 2019

  • Chantal & Max have been great to work with. Executing the travel itinerary by listening to our request and bring it to fruition. We were very grateful for their attention to detail, making the necessary modifications once our plans unexpectedly changed was priceless!! Thanks, for continuing to exceed our expectations and creating a memorable experience.

    Antoine, Texas, USA (return traveller) – March 2019

  • This is the best agency I have ever used for planning travel experiences and adventures. Chantal was kind, organized and responsive when planning our trip in Switzerland. Max was our host and guide and he gave us an unforgettable tour. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that it was the most fun we’ve had on any European vacation in over a decade… An exceptional experience! We will definitely be planning our next trips with Chantal & Max.

    Dustin, Massachusetts, USA – March 2019

  • It was an exceptional experience. We stayed in hotels and locations that we would not have found on our own. It was seamless and a most memorable trip for all of us. We would highly recommend Chantal & Max.

    Sarah-Kate, New York, USA – January 2019

  • When you visit a country where you know someone, you see that country like no tourist would ever see it. You see places and things perhaps known only to local residents and you hear the stories of what they know about their homeland and growing up there. Because of Chantal & Max, this is the kind of experience we had on our Swiss journey. A most memorable, unmatched time!

    Rashida & Frank, Florida, USA – September 2018

  • We felt cared for throughout our planning and holiday. The hotels and activities were wonderful and felt exclusive. We very rarely had to deal with busloads of tourists and enjoyed interacting more with the locals to get a better idea of life in Switzerland rather than just checking things-to-see of a list. I wish we could find a team like yourselves for every one of our holidays!

    Jennifer, South Africa – September 2018

  • Chantal & Max are both knowledgeable and ethical. They are a true pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them to fellow travelers.

    Virginia, California, USA – June 2018

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How We Plan Your Trip to Switzerland Together


We start with the most important and fundamental part, getting to know you: your dream-experience, your must-haves, what you love, what you don't love, your interests and more. Each of our trips is crafted individually and has its own unique character.

It's also important that you get to know us and that you're comfortable with your choice, so don't hesitate to ask us any questions to make sure we're the perfect match for you!


Our itineraries and private tours are entirely tailored to you. You can amend these as much as you like, or just leave it up to us if you don't have too much time on your hands.

What's important to us is that you're excited about the holiday that's ahead of you!


When we’ve finalised your favorite itinerary, we’ll also look at your activities, tours, your transportation and any other experiences that you would like to add on.

Throughout the planning stage, we will continue to finetune your journey to make sure your itinerary is customized to the travel experience you're looking for.

Bon voyage!
Bon voyage!
Bon voyage!

It’s travel time! Now you are ready to enjoy your time in Switzerland with your bespoke travel book by your side.

If you have any questions during your trip, need help (or just want to say hi!), just get in touch with us. We're available at any time!

Bon voyage!

Meet Chantal & Max


Let me introduce you to my other half, Chantal:

Chantal is half French, half Swiss-German, but grew up in the US (the city of brotherly love, to be exact) which made her cultural background all the richer.

In her spare time, she loves to cook as a way of unwinding after a long day, spend time with her friends, and just being out and about in the great outdoors, always on the lookout for wildlife. However, her main hobby (obsession) is travelling. She’s the type of person who is barely back from one trip that she’s already planning the next one…

But more importantly for you, she’ll be your main person of contact and your personal advocate as we design and plan the trip of your dreams. Her Swiss army knife of skills is made up of her background in luxury hospitality from London to Geneva (with a quick pitstop in Paris), her perpetual need to always answer promptly, her keenness for “the small touches”, the fact that she probably lost count of the number of times she’s travelled around Switzerland and finally, her Germanic high-affinity for perfect organization to make sure everything runs like Swiss clockwork.

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Let me introduce you to my hubby, Max(imilien):

Born and raised in his beloved region of Lake Geneva, he has always been gentleman of the great outdoors. Amongst his many other interests that we realized we had in common when we met at the Hospitality School in Lausanne, travel was always at the heart of it all. To be honest, I might have worsened his travel bug condition even further, but it was a (fortunate) accident that brought us where we are today…

Max is a fun and warm-hearted life and travel companion who has made his natural need of taking care of others his job. His superpower would undeniably be the ability to put himself in just about anyone’s shoes and foresee their needs, whether it be professionally or personally. Add on to that his crazy (and sometimes scary) attention to detail and his adaptability to easily interact with anybody, and voila… you get the clever and pragmatic Max, who has always gone above and beyond throughout his career in events and luxury hospitality. I already know he can’t wait to meet you throughout your journey in Switzerland… but let me just warn you in advance: there is a high chance he’ll bring up our two Bengal cats with stories and pictures…

Experience a Day Tour with Max

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Please note that with our expertise, you can expect for this part of your journey to range roughly around CHF 600 – CHF 900 per room per night, which may vary depending on the style of hotel, the time of the year and room category you typically prefer.

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