• Why travel with Chantal & Max

    We connect our travellers with some of the country’s most passionate and fascinating guides, who will host you for unique, private excursions and immersive experiences. So, who better to help you design an immersive trip than two locals who know their country inside out? We live and breathe providing our clients with unbiased travel advice and amazing experiences.

    Instead of spending time roaming the internet, not sure of what you’re choosing, let us guide you to the places we know that you won’t find on google or in your favorite guidebook.

    We’re constantly touring around the country visiting our hand-picked selection of unique hotels and talented providers to ensure irreproachable quality and a peace of mind for our travelers.

    The most rewarding feedback we’ve ever received is our travelers telling us that they felt more like they were working with friends rather than a travel agency. We really value that personal relationship we create with our travelers along the way, which is so important in tailoring a holiday that they’ll never forget.

    The cherry on the cake? Once you’re here, we’re in the same country as you are, ready to help in case of any problems or meet around a delicious fondue.

  • Who travels with Chantal & Max

    Our discerning travelers come from all over the world, with different backgrounds, ages and cultures. We have families, couples, honeymooners and even travelers coming alone. But one key aspect brings them all together: the desire to discover Switzerland on the road less travelled, immerse themselves in the local culture, and live unique, private experiences away from the mainstream tourist activities.

  • What means of transportation do we offer?

    We always recommend hiring a car to visit Switzerland – while our trains are efficient, they will not always take you off the beaten path in the most flexible way. Plus, when you’re driving, you can stop whenever, wherever to take photos… and believe us, you’ll want to!

    If you don’t want to drive, we have a series of hand-selected local guides and chauffeurs who we’ve tested, and who will show you Switzerland like very few see it. And if you really want to do the train experience, we can arrange that for you too!

  • What if I have an issue while travelling?

    No worries, we’re on top of it! We offer a reactive 7/7 assistance while you’re here in case of any problems and we’re never more than couple of hours away.

  • What is your payment method?

    In terms of payment, we generally ask for a deposit before we get started on your itinerary, which will be deducted from the final total if you confirm your trip with us. This deposit is to have access to our expertise, and for the hours we spend designing different itinerary options for you and calling our favorite hotels and providers to check their availability.

    Once we have finalized an itinerary that you’re excited about, we ask for a first down-payment to guarantee all of the hotels and activities for you. The second down-payment will be made a few weeks before your arrival. For these payments, we accept both bank transfers and credit cards.

    For our US travelers, we have the pleasure of confirming that we have a dollar bank account to reduce the costs of overseas transfers!

  • How does your pricing work?

    On top of your total itinerary price, which includes daily accommodation, with city tax and breakfast, we include a service fee for our hours of organizing every detail of your trip and for access to our expertise. This percentage depends on the duration and complexity of your trip. Our travelers are looking for the best customised experiences and peace of mind that your trip is in good hands, rather than for the best “deal”, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with us (on top of not having any hidden fees!)

  • How much should I budget per night?

    Our accommodations vary from the most typical of chalets to properties that have completely escaped the ordinary, without overlooking the truly unique boutique hotels. With our expertise, you can expect for them to range on average around CHF 550 – 900 per night based on two people, depending on the time of the year and the category of room you prefer.

    Please note that this average is slightly higher for the South of France and Italy in the high season.

  • Do you offer any other destinations?

    Yes, our loyal travelers have taken us to both Italy and the South of France, regions we both know well and love. They’re great add-ons before or after your trip to Switzerland, so don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

  • Do you work with companies, travel agencies and private offices?

    Of course we do – our services have helped several private offices, concierge companies, travel agencies and other business in the past. Local expertise is our craft, and we’re happy to share it with those who share the same work philosophy as us.